So I take the exam Friday and I am so nervous! I have wanted this for so long and now every time I open the study guide I get so nervous! Any suggestions on what to expect? Or what to study? Has anyone taken it recently? #Help


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First off, BEST OF LUCK TO YOU!!! I'm taking my PAX next Monday and I'm freaking out as well. I've been wanting to be a nurse ever since I could remember... My fault for not taking the SATs. If you feel well prepared, just remember to relax and not speed through the exam! I'm sure you'll do great! If you don't mind me asking, what school are you trying to get in to?


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Galan College here is San Antonio where are you going? I need to study my math


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Thank you I wish you the best of luck as well !


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The PAX review guide was great for the math and science. English is reading comprehension and vocab. What I found most stressful was the science because it can cover bio, chemistry, physics, A&P. I got questions from all sections and I thought I was going to fail. Take your time with the math, it is very simple and there is no calculator so you will need to write out all the work by hand. I am a math nerd, and I ended up getting 100% on the math section but it was the only portion that I used the whole hour on. They provider you with any formulas you need. If you do not know the answer to a question, do not stay on it, mark it, and you can come back to it later (only within each section though). Honestly if you havent opened the review book its a little too late for that now, but try taking the practice exams on the back using a timer to get used to the questions and the timing.


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Hello ladies, how was the exam ? Were you taking the pax rn or pax lpn ? I take the pax rn next Tuesday and I am ready to die