Patient With a Fractured Hip


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I am a first year nursing student. If an elderly patient has a fractured hip preoperative, can they be turned to use a bedpan ? If not, would the next option be a brief ?

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You can use a bedpan if they can tolerate, you may have to pre medicate before hand. Use the ones that look like a wedge if they are available. If you have to turn them, place a pillow between their legs and don't turn onto the fractured hip.

I know our hospital tends to place a foley in these patients to limit their mobility pre surgery


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You can use a fracture pan but you will need the assistance of another person to support the hip.


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Generally yes, but only as long as there's clarity that the pt isn't on ultra strict bedrest i.e. no turns. "Hip fracture" isn't very specific, and I've had pts awaiting the OR with unstable pelvic fractures who literally had orders not to be moved aside from blanket rolls under the mattress.

The next option if your pt can't tolerate a bedpan would probably just be a well-positioned chux. Our policy doesn't allow briefs on immobilized pts.

A distant last choice would be a foley.