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Patient Teaching Help!


I have to do patient teaching at clinicals for a patient in the presence of my instructor. The whole thing makes me a wreck.. I'm fine with interventions and teaching while I am in one on one with a patient and usually tie it in when I'm doing the assessment, but with this I have to teach about the healthy heart diet and I dont know where to start... I know the information... I mean low sodium, low fat, low calorie, exercise... but I just don't know how to go about discussing it with the client and putting it all together.. I also need visual aids and am unsure on what to use.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated...


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Just a suggestion, but keep whatever you do SHORT and to the point. Maybe a few handouts that the patient can review later...one visual aid but keep it small...see what materials the floor uses already and maybe borrow from them.

And practice your presentation just as you would any presentation...

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it's all been done before. look on the website of the american heart association. or, look on medline plus (http://www.medlineplus.gov/) or the national heart lung and blood institute (http://www.nhlbi.nih.gov/) for information about low sodium, low fat, low calorie diets and they will most likely link you into the aha website.

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