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Patient-Staff Ratio - saving money or saving lives?


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For my English 1A class, we have to write an argument essay of a topic of your choice. I chose to write about being against the mandatory patient staff ratio. As I researched about this topic, now I see WHY a bachelor degree is recommended now than before. According to some expert authorities, the numbers of nurses per patient isn't the main root cause for medical errors, and improper patient care, increase patients death, etc. It claims that if nurses are "better educated" with a "BA" , that would be the key dominant to still having low patient staff ratio. I think the "decision makers" aren't "nurses" and need to walk in our shoes for a change. Opinions?

Rose_Queen, BSN, MSN, RN

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What does BSN have to do with ratios? Pick one or the other, not both. Seeing as you choose to be against mandated ratios, that would be the logical choice. Then look at places that do have mandated ratios, such as California. Take a look at some statistics- sentinel events, medication errors, etc. You may find that your view on mandated rations changes. I would say do the research before choosing the position.