Help from childbirth educators

  1. I teach childbirth classes, and I'm going to start teaching the infant care classes very soon. I have nothing to give my students except handouts and a copy of Lamaze magazine. Do any companies offer samples anymore? I remember going to classes with a friend years ago, and she got tons of stuff. I'm not trying to promote any products, but it would be nice if I had something neat to hand out. My hospital doesn't even provide snacks or juice. They get water, coffee, and the copied handouts and that's it.
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  3. by   Barbara Bunker
    Use a search engine to look up parenting information, you will be surprised what you will find.
    It will be time consuming to find what you want, but worth it.
    Additionally, it would be worth it to purchase a video that you can use over and over - there are a number of those available as well and some will allow you to preview the DVD.
  4. by   flightnursetaylor
    I would go to the local public health clinic. They a lot of literature available and you can get the name of the publisher on the back of the pamphlet to order more for yourself and your classes. You can get a lot of great used books from to order for parents to browse through before class and at breaks so they can see what kind of books that would help them best before they buy it themselves. There are sooo many books out there with different philosophies on parenting and baby care it can be overwhelming. Also, contact the diaper, formula, baby wipes companies and ask for some sample products, literature, etc. When they find out that you are teaching prospective parents ("future customers") most of them will jump on the chance to send out their wares. As long as you make a disclaiming statement at the beginning of the class that you are not loyal to any particular company you should be set.