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Hello all,

I just had an interview today, and I remembered some of the questions that were asked of me, and I want to know how best to answer these questions. Any help would be appreciated, as I have an interview coming up with my dream hospital on a telemetry unit and I want to make sure I answer the questions correctly, and I'm unable to get feedback from the interviewers for these specific questions. Again, any help would be deeply appreciated. I really want to get this job and I know these questions are my weak point.

1) A patient has been in bed for two weeks and you find he has a RR of 40 and SOB, what do you anticipate, what nursing actions do you perform? I made the mistake of saying check s/s for sepsis, but now I feel like the right answer is raise HOB, provide 02, check lung sounds, and anticipate PE. is this correct?

2) You see a nurse putting a patient's life in jeopardy, what do you do? I said that you would remain with the patient and call for help, assess the patient and make sure he is not in danger anymore and wait for help to arrive.

3) Patient is receiving morphine and you come to find him barely responsive, how do you proceed? For this question I put assess the patient, and anticipate administering narcan.

4) Doctor has a patient with a lasix order and an order for an IV bag NS, what do you do? I said to question the order as this is a contraindicated in a patient who requires lasix.

5) You have two patients, one has a BP of 70/40 and toe other is having a reaction to a blood transfusion, how do you prioritize? this was the trickiest question for me, and I said call for help, stop the blood transfusion, make sure the patient is stable and go check on the BP patient. I'm not sure how to answer these questions in a way that shows my critical thinking skills.

Thank you all for your help, I want to do well on this upcoming interview but I'm not sure how to proceed with these tricky questions.

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