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I am an Associates Degree nursing student between the 1st & 2nd year. I have 8 hospitals within a 30 mile radius of home and have applied for Patient Tech positions everywhere. The problem... Read More

  1. by   LiL_121
    Quote from gonewestaz
    I am new to the site here, but am continuosly having the same problems. I have applied to nearly every hospital in the phoenix metro area and have now been forced to work at Safeway (not useful for nursing school or work experience). I have two years hospital experience, but since i quit my last position every interview I go to seems stuck on that point. The recruiters all want to find out in detail why I quit ( talking of harrassment issues at an interview with another hospital does not seem a wise convo. choice). Does ayone have any ideas besides constant contact with Human Resource departments?

    Other options you have is making friends with nurses/techs in the hospital* or volunteering**.

    *in some hospitals nurses/techs have an option on the sign in screen called "refer a friend", or they can simply walk down to HR and recommend you, thats one option for you and it worked for a friend of mine.

    ** you can volunteer 4hr a week --> many applications ask you if you volunteered with the hospital before, volunteering looks great on your resume, and you have a chance to interact with hospital stuff!!! (not to mention it is really fun and helps you want to be in the healthcare field that much more)

    I hope this helps,

  2. by   judy37312
    Thanks for the great idea about volunteering. I hadn't thought about it before, but it would be a great way to network also.
  3. by   glad2bhere
    I have had been given the same advice about volunteering but have found that that doesn't even help in my area (central NH). I have been volunteering in a local hospital for almost a year now. I am so disappointed because I had really wanted to work in a hospital setting but am now being forced to seek employment elsewhere - mostly LTC and even they are not hiring.
  4. by   Staff Nurse
    There's tons of jobs in FL, TX, and AL I can email more details.
  5. by   glad2bhere
    I wish that moving to another part of the country were an option. ( It isn't)
  6. by   Mom3Nurse2B
    Honestly I think it depends where you live. Here in Columbus, some places may even prefer nursing students. I say that because some of us are more eager to accept reimbursement and tuition assistance as long as we sign a contract that we'll work there for at least 2 years upon graduation.

    It is very difficult to get a PCA/PCT position because there is competition where there wasn't before. It will be especially difficult if you've never worked in a hospital as a PCA/PCT. I personally had 1 year exp in a LTC facility and worked in a non patient care area at a hospital for almost 4 years. I highly suggest that you just keep applying and trying. One thing that I did do differently to get this job is write out a nice cover letter to accompany my application. Honestly, in a hospital, it will work every time. As I've done this at least 3 times and have gotten interviews and been offered 3 jobs including a cover letter.

    Good luck, and keep trying. Just like getting into nursing school, it will happen eventually

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