What is the best exam to take after a pct course?

  1. I just finished my patient care technician course and I don't know what exam to take...
    I did a little research and there are like 5 "national" approved exams all of them seemed like they are for experienced PCTs.
    MY training school in NYC offers something called MedCa ,is this of any advantage ? Should I take it? Or should I find where to volunteer at first .

    P.S I already have my CNA certificate and BLS from AHA.

    any other related advice will be appreciated .

    thank you!
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  3. by   Joaquin64
    I am not in NY so I don't know much about the PCT there but I was a PCT in Baltimore, MD. I first got my CNA, then I took a quick 2.5 months course at a community college called Advanced Patient Care Skills (PCT). It teaches you the PCT skills which you practice on with dummies and when you finish you get certified by the school as a PCT. You do not take a stateboard or "national" certification exam to as a PCT and even if there is such a thing, it definitely sounds like a huge waste of time and money. Depending on your location, you can get a job as a PCT with or without training as one. For instance, in Uni of MD Medical Center Baltimore, you must get a PCT certificate from an accredited community college. In Johns Hopkins, you must take a 3 month long class and clinicals training as a PCT in their hospital through a program they offer there before you are hired as one. In another hospital in baltimore you get hired as a CNA and get trained to do PCT stuff so you don't need a course for it there. In Richmond,VA where I moved to, a CNA is the same as a PCT. No formal course training needed which sucks because with all my training as a PCT came here to see me on the same level with a regular CNA.

    Anyway, my advice is you really can do without a "national" PCT certification (if that even exists at all) to be one as far as I know. Besides, I hope your goal is to strive for more in this career field like becoming an RN or something and not remain a CNA pursuing a PCT certificate which is little or no different from a CNA. Truth is, I never wished to work as a CNA in a nursing home once I got my CNA so I only took the PCT course to better my chances at getting into a hospital, and it worked like a charm.

  4. by   VTE0
    Thank you so much for your reply...
    I took the PCT class for the same reason you did ;I really don't want to work at a nursing home. I have been searching for a job and i think it's quite competitive in NYC ,every organization wants experience even some nursing homes ..

    I want to get my BSN eventually ...
  5. by   noemi430
    I work as a PCT in the city and took my Phlebotomy/EKG Technician national certification exam with MedCa in 2014. I'm not sure if my hospital really cared or not if I have the national certification but I renew it every year anyway. Good Luck!
  6. by   VTE0
    Thank you so much...
    Did you have any prior health care experience?