To CNA first and add on...or just go for PCT program?

  1. Hi, Im 23 and a student finishing up my AA to move on to eventually be a physicians assistant. In the meantime I need a job. I see all these programs for PCT and CNA and Im pretty sure i have the difference. Heres my dillema
    Do I:
    1. Take the short course and become a CNA, then get my phlebotomy and EKG and whatever else I can put under my belt and then try and get a job. (pros-much shorter time period for the CNA but a little more than that for the phlebotomy and EKG-less money spent-approx $1200 total for all)
    2. Take the PCT course offered at my local tech school, which dosent include phlebotomy anyway (CNA, EKG and HHA certs only) which will take about 4-6 months. (more time, more money--about $2000 total)

    Is having my diploma from the school that says Im a PCT worth all that much more?

    School starts soon and Ive wracked my brain and I dont know what to do. I need advice here! Help!
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  3. by   tex42cares
    I agree with you !!!

    I am in the same back n forth tug o war .. I am leaning toward the CNA then upgrading with the Phleb
  4. by   watersamy
    definatley CNA!
  5. by   pinkstethoscope
    I took a CNA course first and became ceritified. I'm actually starting my PCT class today where I'll learn blood draws, EKG, suction, catheters, etc.

    It was a requirement to be a CNA to get into the class.
  6. by   tex42cares
    Quote from tex42cares
    i agree with you !!!

    i am in the same back n forth tug o war .. i am leaning toward the cna then upgrading with the phleb

    i decided on cna 1st

    i am starting my cna monday !!!(i posted in another thread)