Should i get my CNA?

  1. Hi! I am at a four year college starting out as a freshman in the BSN program! I have been toying with the idea of getting my CNA license, most likely in the summer of 2013! Any advice/tips? Should I do it? Share your good/bad experiences as a CNA! Thanks in advance for your help!
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  3. by   Bringonthenight
    Yes I would get it. Good skills to learn, see how hospitals work and what nurses really do. And great for networking!

    It's dirty, hard work but worth it
  4. by   funtimes
    Schools in my area all require future Nursing students get their CNA first, so apparently they see the benefit in it. After seeing some student nurses and even new hires struggle I can see why.
  5. by   Miss Millie
    It would be great experience for you. In Minnesota you have to take the CNA course to get into the nursing program. I've worked as a CNA for 15+ years and love the one on one contact w/the residents! I start the LPN program in January but will continue working as an aide while I attend school. And with CNA certification, there are so many different settings you can work in. Go for it.
  6. by   NPOaftermidnight
    I worked as a CNA before I started nursing school. It depends on the jobs available in your area, but as a CNA I was working at a nursing home making like $9 an hour. Now, I work as a tech in the hospital where they start you at $15/hour. For the tech job, the minimum requirements are either one year of previous health care experience or 2 clinical rotations as a nursing student. If you have a similar situation in your area, becoming a CNA first would be unnecessary. Either way you go, getting hands on experience would be great for you. It's easy to tell which students in my clinical groups have worked in health care before; it really helps you to excel.