Please help! Interviewing for a PCT job and nervous!

  1. SO I am a pre-nursing student and thankfully got an interview for a tech job at a hospital and i am SOO excited/ nervous. I am an okay-average interviewer, but would like some good interview sample questions/ answers so i am fully prepared. I do currently work in a medical office but on the clerical side and I am so thankful for getting the opportunity to interview for a more clinical side. Any one have suggestions? I just want to make sure i do well!! ps whats a good answer for what are my weaknesses?
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  3. by   Morgan0429
    I am a PCT and in my senior yr of NS. I googled "tough to answer interview questions and answers" and you can get a lot of ideas that way. I HATE that "what is your weakness" question. I found a good one though....My weakness is I have difficulty working with lazy people or people that don't pull their weight. Then I turn it into how maybe there was something I could be doing to help that person...maybe they dont know EXACTLY what they are supposed to be doing and offer my help.
    Good luck with your interview!
  4. by   mamaxmaria
    HA! thats great! I had an interview a few weeks ago and got the "weakness" question.... it has been a while since i have had to interview and completely forgot about these types of questions....

    but I ended up saying pretty much just that...

    "I have a low tolerance for incompetence and laziness."

    I also told her that I can be a bit pushy because I'm a virgo and I have to have things done a certain way. I'm the type that feels if I dont do it myself it wont get done correctly!( crazy I know, lucky for me though she laughed and said she understand cause she is a virgo herself!)

    I start the new job next month :-)