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  1. Hi All,
    I am a long time reader of allnurses, but this is my first time posting. So for the past two years I have been a CNA. This past winter I obtained the holy grail of health care jobs. I work as a PCT at a privately owned orthopedic outpatient surgical center. I love my job. I love the girls I work with, I love the doctors I work for. The hours I work are 8 to 4 no weekends, no holidays. I have a 15 month old and my husband and I would love another in a few years. My place of work offers flexibility and understanding that is rare.
    However, I want to advance my education either as a RN or a surgical tech. My fear is that there is not a program out there that would work with a traditional job. I live in Michigan,does anyone know anything that would work with my schedule. I do have some flexibility where I can work 32 hours a week not 40. Or am I going to have to get a job at a hospital where I can something like three 12's a week and leave an employer I love?
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  3. by   Newgradnurse17
    Have you tried talking about your employer about everything? See how flexible they are? Part time or casual employment type of thing? because there's no way you would be able to full time in nursing school. You'll be exhausted, burn out, and never see your baby or husband. If they are as good as they say, and your a good employee I'm sure you could work something out.
  4. by   G019
    I know a few students who've managed. It's not easy at all but some may not have the luxury to scale back otherwise. It's a sacrifice you make to get to where you want to be. It would be nice if nursing school was considered in the same realm as some med schools and law schools, receiving enough funding that would allow students to Only have to focus on their courses and still afford groceries. Maybe it will change someday. Until then you have to do what you have to do. Just know you are not alone in the struggle.
  5. by   andielbc
    Have you had any luck finding a program that works with your schedule? Try one of the community colleges or aim for your ADN first. Where I go they have a night cohort available for those that work full time.

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