PCT Programs

  1. I can not seem to find a PCT program at any of the community or technical colleges in my area. I am planning on becoming a CNA then a LPN but if I don't get to start a LPN program for a year because of waitlists I would consider going to school to become a PCT. The only problem is I can 't find any information on any in my area. Whenever I google the phrase I only find job offerings and lots of them! What schools in the Seattle area offer PCT programs?
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  3. by   mamayogibear
    So from lurking on this forum I think I've answered my own question. Once I complete my CNA course try to get my foot in the door at a hospital where they'll provide on the job training in ECG and Phlebotomy. Correct?
    Would an online program like http://www.alliedhealthinstitute.edu...re_technician/ be a waste of time? Or would it make me more hierable once completing my CNA?
  4. by   Sara026
    I am having the same problem!! Im about to move to the Seattle area and cannot find anything for PCTs at any schools but see jobs for them. I plan on starting my CNA when I get there... sooo I guess we get on the job training?? Have you heard anything else?
  5. by   adnrnstudent
    You are saying PCT Programs, I have never seen a PCT Program, are you looking for CNA Programs? I'm in Chicago suburbs, a PCT here is simply a CNA given a different title. PCT hospital, CNA Nursing home. All are CNA's.



  6. by   PNCC2001
    In Wisconsin PCTs are CNAs that are trained on the job to do phlebotomy and EKGs.
  7. by   gapeacheykeen
    In Savannah my technical college offers a PCT program. It is the same as the CNA program with 1-2 class additions. So using this as an example CNA program is a good place to start. I guess not all of the colleges offer a seperate program.