My phone was disconnected two days after my interview

  1. Hi all,

    I received an interview last week and an over the phone follow up interview on Monday. On tuesday one of my professors told me she had received a call from HR and gave a review. Wednesday morning I woke up to find that my cell phone service had been interrupted because my mom forgot to pay the bill. We rush off to pay it once we realized but it was 1 in the afternoon by the time my phone service was restored.

    My concern is that HR may have called during that period of service interruption and I missed it or they heard "this phone is temporarily disconnected". I am really excited about this job and I'm scared that they will reject me based on this. Should I call and let them know that I experienced technical difficulties with my phone and would just like to let them know that everything is fine now or should I just wait and see?
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  3. by   Merlyn
    By all means, call them and just tell them whast happen.