Beneficial to obtain pct during nursing school?

  1. Can you land a job as a patient care tech/assistant without specific training and just nursing school experience? Would it be worth it to take special classes to land a job?
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  3. by   WoundedBird
    From what I've seen in my area, it depends on the setting you're looking to be a tech/aide. LTC facilities only require state certification (written and practical exams need to be successfully passed, minimum classroom and clinical hours, etc.) while hospitals require the certification AND completion of your first semester of nursing school (at least where I'm at we do assessment that first semester and wouldn't be surprised if others in the area are the same). I would say look at openings posted where you're interested in working and see what they require of candidates.

    Hope this helps a bit!!
  4. by   bTRUE
    Yes , very good idea ! Some hospitals allow nursing students to apply for aide positions , others require or prefer EKG cert and phlebotomy cert but then there are other places that train you . You just have to make a few calls and research . But yes it's very worth it to work as a aide while in school , it puts you in the door and easily land a job as a nurse once you graduate .
  5. by   bTRUE
    Oh yeah and you def need BLS cert
  6. by   lnsjes
    Thanks for all the help everyone!
    I am actually becoming BLS certified this Wednesday so I plan to start my search after that. I think I will call around to do some research before I take any specialized classes or anything
  7. by   lnsjes
    KAR813- do you live in the Columbus area? (I noticed your picture, go bucks!) That is also where I live, I tried to send you a PM but it didn't allow me to so I was wondering on what you are doing regarding a job while in nursing school?
  8. by   WoundedBird
    Yes, I'm in the C-bus area and I'll be starting at OSU in June. As for work during school, I'm waiting to hear back on a waitressing/bartending job with a chain I worked for in CO before we moved a year ago and for a dispatch position at NCH. I'm planning on applying to PCA/PCT positions at the end of July once I get that semester of classes done. I'm also making the most of not working (I was a full-time student until December) right now by getting all of my various appointments for my clinical clearance done so I'm able to relax a bit in May.

    Are you in a program in the area or waiting to hear back from one?