A little confused...

  1. I am starting a new job as a PCT and I have no prior training or even patient care experience. Every thread on here that I have read talks about the PCT training courses that are months long with an exam at the end. I'm very excited I got the job and can't wait to start. I know someone else that works at this hospital as a PCT and she said they train you for everything during the 1 month training when you start. She said she does blood draws, EKG's, etc. So it does sound like you learn an awful lot of what I read about on here. Also from what I've heard, a PCT is considered in most states more experienced or at least able to do more than a CNA. I know CNA's have to go through weeks if not months of training as well as take an exam and become certified. My question is if anyone else had the same experience? They know I don't start nursing school until this fall, so it's not like I have even completed anything other than my prerequisites. I'm not afraid I would be able to learn the skills, I just am a little surprised I guess that the hiring process seemed this simple.
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  3. by   sjmommy19
    don't be confused...be grateful, it is so hard to get a job without experience nowadays. i got my first pca job 4 months ago and was so nervous but there is a month of training and after that you will come out feeling like a pro...good luck and remember to stay calm...and congrats
  4. by   Hygiene Queen
    One month of training?
    Sounds like you will just learn the "how to's"... but not the "why" behind it.
    I'm scared of that.
  5. by   JDZ344
    I learnt "On the job". I'm worried they skip over the basics. Ask LOTS of questions, and good luck!
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  6. by   sjmommy19
    well u learn the why's when ur in school, not when ur at the job, that, you should have already know or else you shouldn't be working there. And when I said a month of training, i meant a month of training at the hospital after I got the job where they show you how to do it their way.
  7. by   turnforthenurse
    my NT orientation was a day.

    I oriented on my unit with another NT for 2 days, just to get a feel for the unit and also to develop a schedule on what should be done and when.

    at my hospital, all NT's are nursing students or just graduated, so all of our "training" comes from what we learn in nursing school (as far as skills go...we do vitals + patient care, I/O, blood sugars, blood draws, foley cath insertion/d/c, IV starts/d/c, dressing changes (both sterile and non-sterile), giving enemas, admitting patients to telemetry, trach/ETT suctioning/care)
  8. by   sunnydelight88
    I got my job without any experience. I was a CNA, and I got hired in a hospital as a PCT. Right of the bat they taught my EKGS and bloods. I had little experience. I went through about two months of training and got the hang out it. You just need to be eager to learn, and it will be a breeze.

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