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Patient Care Tech Jobs

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I have heard that hospitals will hire nursing students as patient care techs. Does anyone know if there is any truth to that? If so, how do I go about applying for one of these positions?

After you have completed a semester of clinicals you should be able to get a job as a patient care tech/nurses aide. I checked out various hospitals websites in the area and applied online. The positions are sometimes under "nursing" or "support services" depending on the hospital. Good luck- you should have no problem finding a job!


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It is true. I did not have any experience when I got hired as an LNA in the hospital I am at now. Hospitals love to hire us students. It is amazing that i am the only Aide on my floor out of all 3 shifts that is a student. So definitely apply and write a nice cover letter with your on-line application and dress professionally for the interview and you will be golden. These positions are also called TAs and medical techs.

I would highly recommend becoming an assistant. It gives you a good taste of the realities of nursing.

Good luck!!

Thanks! I will definitely look into a tech position. I'll use all of the advice I've gotten and apply at my local hospitals.

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We have several nursing students working as techs.


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In addition to hospitals try also LTAC (Long-Term Acute Care) Facilities. They also hire PCT. Examples of LTAC's are Kendred Hospitals, Select Specilities Hospital, Semper Care.

Hi, I am a nursing student with only one semester to go, wud be graduating in may08, and wud then like to start in any kind of critical care settings an a RN. It wud be very helpfull if i cud work as a aid in critical care for a semester, hope that wud make me a better candidate at its tough for a new grad to find job in critical care. cud anybdy pls. guide me to any hospital in philadelphia's vicinity that hires students as aides in critical care? thanks.

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