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:bluecry1::banghead: I am a first year Nursing student. I have always done really well in school, even with little studying I was an A and sometimes B student. The nursing program is very difficult and time consuming for me (I also work and am on the dance team at school...so usually dance 5 days a week). I also have a new boyfriend that i crazy about, that adds more stress with school. My hardest class is Patho. The first exam I got an 86 and my grades have decreased since then. The last exam I failed....really really failed. I have never done so bad in my whole life. I am so upset and praying I can pull through somehow and pass. In order to pass with a 78 I need at least an 84 on the next two tests. I am so scared. Just wanted to vent but any advice at all about anything I've said would be appreciated. I feel like I'm just not smart enough to be in Nursing school...:crying2:

study and study some more. you may have to cut back your other activities...nursing school it really hard.

good luck! you can do it!!

Daytonite, BSN, RN

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when i was starting nursing school i was very active in theater and had been rubbing shoulders with some very famous actors. acting and musical theater was my life. i hobnobbed with some pretty famous people. i loved hanging out on stage and being a part of what went on. it was like magic to me. i still love seeing the special effects cds of movies. had i not gone into nursing i probably would be working backstage in movies. but i had to make a decision: theater or nursing school.

your choice is now before you.

here is something that helped me. it was something one of my bosses used to say all the time. "a hundred years from now, no one is going to know what we did today or care." i understand how much joy dancing is for you. seriously consider what dancing is going to do for you though. could you put it off for a few days a week to get trained as a nurse for a couple of years? a career as a nurse can help you resume a dancing career later. school goes much faster than you would think. and, if you were considering a professional dancing career, please check it out. could you really make a living at it? and, for how long? i did not see very many middle aged professional dancers. professional dancing requires tremendous stamina, great physique and dedication.

here are where the weblinks to help you with patho are listed: https://allnurses.com/forums/3176522-post55.html

i would also open and copy my critical thinking flow sheet for nursing students.doc. it allows you to break diseases down into how their normal anatomy and physiology has changed and then how these changes have produced specific signs and symptoms. later in nursing school, you will learn that these signs and symptoms are the focus of many different medical and nursing treatments.

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