Passing Nclex!!!!!

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Hello to All,

I had to join nurse. com for this reason- Studying for nclex was extremely miserable an exhausting!!! Let me start by telling you a little about myself, I was a awesome student in nursing school exam grades usually no lower then 80% as we all know anything 75% or better we are jumping off the Our nursing instructors told us to take Kaplan, the first day of Kaplan I hated it. I mean hated it, I hated Kaplan all 5 days !!!! I Do not recommend Kaplan!!! but, anyway I took Kaplan and was told by Kaplan to do 90% of the Q-Bank and do all the question trainers and you will pass nclex !!!! but guess what ? that was a LIE! I took nclex April 21,2013 and FAILED , YES I SAID IT FAILED! I wasn't upset that I failed I was just mad at Kaplan and myself for believing what they said . After failing, I decided to renew my faith with my Lord. I had to remember that no matter the outcome he has my best interest and that alone relieved all my stress. I prayed all day, before every study session, before any practice exam , and I always ask for strength, because it would be days I just didn't have the strength. I went to my church leaders and ask them to pray for me. I was told when I pray make sure I be more specific AND I DID JUST THAT, I ask for what I wanted :) I put the books down for about a week or so. I decided to just chill, I was tired and just wasn't ready to study again. This time when I studied I had a plan, I decided to do read the Saunders book, but after I started reading the book, I was like this is not for me at all. So, frustration kicked in!!! I was mad at this point. So, I decided to pick up a Lippincott's book an do a 100 questions a day . THE BEST CHOICE I MADE, THE EXACT BOOK WAS Lippincott's 11th edition. PLEASE, PLEASE PLEASE, GET THIS BOOK!!!! IT IS AWESOME. OH real quick, I did read my friends Hurst book in which I think helped a little but the Lippincott's book is basically the same info, just takes longer to read. After 30 days of 100 questions a day, I then did the NCSBN WEBSITE ..... As so as I started the web site I fell in LOVE, LOVE LOVE. That website is the best hands down !!! The question are so nclexy, they seem easy but the reality is nclex isn't hard as we tell ourselves. FASTFORWARD> ON June 26, 2014 I re-took NCLEX and PASSED 75 QUESTION 90 MINS. I WAS IN AND OUT ! The question were just so clear, and I think because I didn't stress myself and with Gods help the NCLEX wasn't a monster. I will not hold you any longer but my advise to you is this: don't stress yourself and following this plan:

Lippincott's book 100 question a day before you sit for boards take the NCSBN website about 3 weeks do ALL the QUESTION, I mean all the QUESTIONS TRUST ME THEY ARE VERY HELPFUL! I HOPE I HELPED ATLEAST ONE PERSON.


Hi rocky6/26 congratsss!!. well deserved...Your post is very inspiring. I am going through the same situation. I actually took my exam on july 5th but run out of time on question 224 and I failed. I felt horrible at first, and decided to take last week off to clear my mind. I have started a new plan this week, but the Lippicott's book is not in my plan though. I have the Saunders book which I find that it goes into much details about everything. I do not if it is a good thing right now because there are so many materials out there that I do not even know what to use. I am planning on taking the exam in about a month so I wonder if I am going to have time to do the book, the NCSBN course and Kaplan.. I did not mention for my first exam I did Kaplan and I felt it did help me on the exam but I was just very nervous. I am trying to keep my faith in God that He will help me this time around and I will pass.

Hello Soonnursetobe,

I know how your feeling right now. I was just feeling the same way, but trust me you will pass nclex! I gave myself at least 2 months before I re-tested. But if you got to 214 you were close, the first time I had 265 and failed. Have faith in the Lord and do your part and the test is already PASSED....