Passed my Test, what's my License #?


I'm living in Michigan, and have tested with Prometric. Most job applications are online now, and I need to fill in a certification number in order to apply. My problem is my paperwork, which I would assume would have this information on it, won't be in my hands for a few more weeks. After the test they gave me a print out, and it says something about my Prometric Testing ID. Is this my certification number? Where do I go to find out what mine is (if the Prometric Testing ID isn't my certification #)so I can start looking for employment?

I really appreciate everybody's input!


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Go to the website of your certifying authority and look for your info there, or call your certifying authority and ask. It most likely will take a certain amount of time before they give you a number and send out your pocket certificate. Hope you find this info out soon. Or, you can fill out the applications and in the space for your number type something like "being processed". Good luck in your job hunt.


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I was able to go to the state board that I was certified in which is Florida and was able to get mine I also printed out sevral of the verification forms that have my information on them and have turned them in with my applications.

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I would go online to your state's department of health website and usually there is a section that lists the certified nurses assistants of the state and the license number. I don't know if that's the case for your state but it's worth checking out.

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