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Passed on second attempt, PVT & UWORLD!

I promised myself that once I passed my NCLEX, I would post about it for anyone who needs hope and support on this BEAST of a journey to becoming an RN!! I referenced this website multiple times throughout my crazy NCLEX journey, and it was such a comfort for me!

Background: I graduated from my RN program in August of 2016. I did well throughout nursing school, A's and high B's. I studied hard, but it paid off. I was scared to take my NCLEX (who isn't?!) but I passed my LPN boards with 85 questions, and was hoping for the same result with my RN. I had a job lined up and was ready to get the NCLEX over with. Well, lets just say, that is NOT what happened and this is my story.

FIRST ATTEMPT: September 22. My program forced us to purchase Kaplan as part of the curriculum. I didn't love Kaplan. I actually really hated Kaplan. If I missed a question, I felt like the rationales did not explain the reasoning well AT ALL. However, seeing as Kaplan had such great reviews, I used it to study for my RN NCLEX. I also used the NCLEX Mastery App when I was on the go. I ended up sitting for 265 questions (HELLO BRUTAL!) and failed.

PVT ROUND ONE: I tried to PVT about four hours after my exam. It had worked for all of my friends that had tried it, and I was desperate for information. Well, it ended up taking my $200. I found out the next day that I had failed. I literally went through the five stages of grief. I gave myself the weekend to just "be sad" and let me work through my feelings.

So what do I do now? This changed everything for me. After a weekend full of ice cream and laying on the couch came to an end, I dusted myself off again and tried to seek some help. THANKFULLY my manager assured me that nurses not passing happened frequently and that he would save my job for me. This motivated me to crush the NCLEX next time. I asked around, I did tons of research and BEHOLD, I came across UWORLD. UWORLD is by FAR The best NCLEX prep program out there. If you are trying to find one, this is it! Look no further. UWORLD has the most detailed rationales and gets you really comfortable with select all the apply questions (YUCK!) The notes feature is also really great! I used UWORLD exclusively, and it helped me SO MUCH! I wasn't able to finish all the questions in the bank, but I only had 200 left when I tested.

SECOND ATTEMPT: November 10. I felt 1000 times more confident going into the test this time. I felt nervous, but ready. But then the worst thing happened, I got the FULL 265 questions AGAIN!!!! I remember an instructor from my Kaplan live review saying if you get the full 265 questions, you have to get your last question correct in order to pass. I focused in on that last question, got out of the testing center and BAWLED the entire way home.

PVT ROUND TWO: I was home from the testing center for maybe 10 minutes before my husband encouraged me to try the PVT again. I couldn't bring myself to do it. I made him do it all. I was so upset, thinking I had just failed again, that I didn't even care to do it. To my surprise, I ended up getting the "good pop up". I didn't even know what to think. Was this reliable? Weirdly, it settled my nerves quite a bit because the first time it took my money. I tried the PVT after 4 hours, after 12 hours and after 24 hours and still got the good pop up.

Typically in Utah, results post within 24-36 hours of your exam. Yesterday was Veterans day, so my BON was closed. As of today, my quick results were posted and I found out I PASSED!!!!! I was in shock!! If I can do it, you can too!


-UWORLD, UWORLD, UWORLD! Read EVERY rationale, even if you get it right.

-Do not expect to get the minimum amount of questions because you will PANIC if that test goes from 75 to 76.

-If you have failed before, KEEP GOING! I know it is so tough. But think of why you started in the first place.

-Talk to your fellow nurses! When I finally opened up about failing, I found out that some of the BEST nurses I knew had failed once or twice when they first sat for the NCLEX. THIS TEST DOES NOT DEFINE YOU AS A NURSE!

-If you get the full 265 questions, there is hope! Multiple people from my cohort got the max amount, and all passed.

Good luck on your journey, nurses!

Thank you so much! ❤️

Congrats on passing the NCLEX!

However just want to point out a little piece of misinformation. If you get all 265 questions you have to be at or above the passing standard consistently for the last 60 questions in order to pass. So the last 60 questions you were doing something the computer must have liked.


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