Passed at 75 Questions, no ATI Greenlight

Nursing Students NCLEX


I'm really excited to say I took my NCLEX on Saturday and got the news today that I passed. Moreover, I even passed at 75 questions.

I have to say, I'm pleasantly surprised-- I did some ATI, but didn't bother going for the ATI green light. It honestly felt like unnecessary preparation, and some of the ATI questions seemed way beyond anything that would be asked on the NCLEX. I figured ATI was knocking my confidence down more than anything, and it was better to take the NCLEX while the material was still fresh in my head. Turns out that was a decision that worked for me.

Just thought I'd want to hear other's feedback-- did you do ATI, and if so, did you go for the Green Light? I heard many people say that not having the green light before the NCLEX would equal failure on the exam, so I'm interested to hear if any others have had an experience like mine.

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