Passed NCLEX-RN You can do it too!!


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I just wanted to give hope to all the nursing students out there getting ready for their NCLEX-RN. When I would come into websites and read peoples horror stories I became very frightened and doubtful of my abilities. I want to share that I graduated from Excelsior College. For those of you that don't know that school it is independent studying you buy books study your tush off and then go and take a test. It took me four years to do it (due to lack of discipline) I graduated May 20, 2016 and took my boards June 28th, 2016. I studied with UWorld. I did not use anything else other than youtube when I didn't understand a topic) and nurselabs. But Uworld almost exclusively. I felt like I knew NOTHING! I was STRESSED out! I cried the day before I took my boards thinking I had made a mistake scheduling it so soon and feeling as though I was not ready. It was too late to change it at that point. I learned my lab values by heart and I did not focus on the percentage I got right I focused on reading the rationales which were AMAZING! I tried not to psych myself out. I analyzed why I chose the answer and why was the right answer right! That is how I approached it. I took the boards and they were so much easier than UWorld in my opinion. I finished the test with 75 questions in 45 minutes 5 SATA. I was OUT of there as fast I could. I felt like the test was easy.... when I took my LPN boards I left there crying so I thought to myself... either I was well prepared or I was so dumb they gave me kindergarten questions and sent me on my way. I read that if you didn't get 1,000 SATA you did not do well etc, etc. I cried later on that day because people said if you walked out thinking you did ok you failed.. I did not even want to look at my results. I PASSED!!! Don't listen to people!!!! Prepare yourself! Do YOUR best and don't get distracted by all the shenanigans! YOU can do this! You survived nursing school! You got this!!!! Study, pray, rest, SLEEP!! Everyone's experience is different so don't let anyone psych you out!! Believe in yourself!!!!!


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Congratulations on passing !! How were you doing on uworld? I've been using it but I am doing terrible ! Super scared for the nclex. :(


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I averaged in the 50's. I felt like I knew nothing. I focused on the rationales. Don't worry about how "terrible" you are doing.Focus on the rationales. Take note of things you don't understand read up on it and try to find quizzes on that subject alone. Once you master that move on. But don't dwell just answer the questions and move on to the rationales. If you do that you will be fine!