Passed NCLEX-RN in 75 Q using NCLEX RN mastery and with low Kaplan Scores

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I am writing this to encourage anyone who is preparing for boards and maybe freaking out a little like I was about a week ago. I passed the NCLEX in 75 questions in about 2 hours using the NCLEX RN Mastery app (which only cost about $30 I believe)! I graduated in April and spent about a month preparing for NCLEX. I set a goal to do about 50 questions a day on the app and did usually anywhere from 25-150 questions a day. I did miss some days here and there but was pretty consistent. The most important part of being successful is to read every single rationale even if you get the question correct and make sure than you understand the content. If I answered a question incorrectly I would read the rationale, look up the content and write it down or make a flash card. I also bought a simulation on NCLEX mastery when they were having a sale for 50% off (I think it was like $10). It is 75 questions and after the test it gives you a % chance of passing; my result was 90% chance of passing the NCLEX. I took this simulation a few days before passing NCLEX. I did a total of about 1500 questions on NCLEX mastery and my final percentage on the app was 73% correct. The actual NCLEX seemed much easier to me than the app questions I had been practicing.

About Kaplan: my school included Kaplan in our tuition price. I used it a little bit but honestly did not care for it because the rationales were not very specific or thorough like NCLEX RN Mastery's were. I did the Kaplan predictors and some of the Q trainers and these were my scores:

Secure Predictor A: 59.3%

Pharmacology/Parenteral Therapy A: 73.3%

Q Trainer 2: 63%

Q Trainer 3: 57%

Q Trainer 5: 65%

My Kaplan scores were not great as you can see!!

Writing this in hopes of helping anyone who is preparing for the NCLEX!

I passed using NCLEX Mastery too!!

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