Passed NCLEX with 76 questions!


I recently graduated with my BSN from UIC nursing school on May 7, and I took my NCLEX on June 17. I took Hurst review right after graduation and got to studying. I don't think it's necessary to memorize every single thing in the book, as long as you understand it. The q-reviews were very helpful. The questions were similar to NCLEX and they cover topics that Hurst doesn't cover in its book, so it was even more content review. Honestly, I did not study meds. There are too many, so I just memorized suffixes like beta blockers end in -lol. I also made sure to memorize drug toxicities like Lithium toxicity is >1.2. I glanced through the rest of the fifth day material, but really paid attention to Infection Control & Common Lab Values. My q-review scores range from 77-91 out of 125. For more practice I used Prioritization, Delegation, and Assignment by Linda Lacharity. This book is AMAZING. I started out doing terribly, but then I started to understand it and did better in each chapter. I also used the Lippincott Alternate Format Questions book. This was great practice for SATA. Overall, there were things on my exam that I had never heard of before, and I did not leave feeling confident. But thanks to a lot of studying, and God, I passed!


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Congratulations girl welcome to the nursing world