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Passed NCLEX in 75 Questions-Experience and Study Method (Kaplan)

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Hi everyone, 

I wanted to come on here and and talk about how I prepared for NCLEX and the score I got on various Kaplan assessments and quizzes, as well as my actual NCLEX experience. Going into NCLEX I was freaking out because I thought some of my scores were too low, however obviously they weren't!

I studied seriously for about a month--I took my test exactly one month after I got my ATT. My school bought Kaplan for us to use, including three CAT tests. We used Kaplan all throughout nursing school, so I was familiar with it. I used the primarily to study, as well as Uworld a little bit (my cousin let me use her old account before it expired after she passed her NCLEX), and I feel as though there are pros and cons of each, but I never would have bought both to study and I preferred Kaplan. My school also hosted an in person Kaplan review course one weekend, which I think helped. My scores were as follows: 

QT1: 55%
QT2: 64%
QT3: 55%
QT4: 64%
QT5: 59%
QT6: 57%
QT7: 64%

Sample Test 1: 52%
Sample Test 2: 68%
Sample Test 3 (Who Do You See First?): 77%
Sample Test 4 (Alternate Format): 32%

Diagnostic Test: 69%
Readiness Test: 72%
CAT1: 150-pass, CAT2: 75-pass, CAT3: 75-pass
Average Qbank test score: 60%
I did about 75-150 Qbank questions a day. 

My test was scheduled for 1:30pm on a Saturday. I got there about 45 minutes early, and walked in at about 1pm. I was able to start taking my exam at 1:15pm. I finished at about 3pm, again with the exam shutting off in 75 questions. I did the PVT about an hour and 15 minutes after I got out and got the "good" pop up. About two hours later I tried again, again "good" pop up. The following Monday right before 1:30pm, as I was waiting for my Quick Results to become available, my fiancé actually messaged me a picture of the Board website (Michigan) and asked if the name displayed was me. As soon as I saw that text, I got an email from the board with my license attached! I bawled like a baby!

So as you can see, my scores were in the 50's and 60's, and all over the place. My greatest advice is to understand the CONTENT of the questions, not memorize the answers, and go slow when taking the exam. You wouldn't want to get a question wrong on one of the biggest exams of your life just because you didn't read the question! If I can do it, anybody else can--during the exam, visualize yourself opening up that email to your license!

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