passed NCLEX with 76 questions-Canadian nurse


Hi all, I have been checking this website on my break while i was preparing for my NCLEX exam. I want to share my experience and hopefully this will help those who are preparing NCLEX right now.

I graduated this July and took August off for my holiday. Found a job in the hospital and started working in September. At the same time i purchased UWROLD as my primary study guide. I started doing 75-150 questions per day in the morning and spend the whole afternoon read the rationale. On UWORLD, there are some graphs and pictures about different diseases, childhood development, immunization, i organized them in a word version so i can review later without go back to the questions. I also write down every lab value i met on uworld, which helped me a lot.

i did all the questions on uworld within 3 weeks and my average was around 45%-65%. i did the first assessment and got 60%, and got 65% on the second one. So i decided to postpone my test, reset my uworld and did it again. I spend the last two days reviewed the lab values and the graphs and tables i made before and took the exam on November 2nd, 2017. I started my exam around 0730 and took one break after two hours. I did not have many SATA questions and i was so nervous because people told me if i did not have enough "hard questions" i might fail. I got one math, 4 meds, 1 graph, 1 drag and drop. I felt the questions were not that hard when compared with questions on UWORLD, but they were tricky.

The screen shut after 76 questions and i was pretty sure i failed coz people always get 75. I spend another 30 minutes did the online survey after the test and left the test centre around 1100.

I checked Peason Vue trick right away after i got back home around 1135 and got the good pop-up, i tried again at 1300 and got the good pop-up as well. Around 1337 i got the email from the provincial nursing registration association that i passed.

I was so happy to tell that UWORLD is excellent and spend time on basic knowledge is important-infection control, basic diseases.

Pearson VUE trick still works and Canadian nursing associations are fast to announce the results, within 3 hours after the exam.

Good luck everyone.


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Congratulations RN!!! :up: