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I passed the Nclex PN on 4/18/18

I would like to share what I studied. I started off with ATI from school. Then a Nclex cram, Saunders,and listened to Mark Klimeck. Oh and a few apps. I began to get confused and all over the place. I started praying. And I reached out to a friend from school. Who blessed me with her NCSBN review and she suggested I just do 200 questions a day. Many other nurses suggested the same to do questions, questions. I started on the 4/12 I only did the questions. And chilled on the 17th If you purchase and have time I would review all contents. In my opinion those questions where the CLOSEST to the NClex test that I have done. They are simple almost to simple. To be real honest so was the Nclex. You can do it!! Blessings to all. NCSBN'S REVIEW FOR THE NCLEX-PN® EXAMINATION - Students - NCSBN Learning Extension

Which state are u from? How did u find out? I took my nclex-pn yesterday, did the PVT trick coz here in Cali there is no quick result option. I had the good pop up. I am anxious if I passed or not.Congratulations!

Is there anyway you can send me the link to mark k. Audio. I take my in about a month. I would appreciate it alot

I'm in Arizona. I waited for a email from Pearson and the ABON and never received one. I just happened to look on the ABON and my license was active so I passed. I didn't trust any pop ups! Hope you passed!

Yes sure, to be honest the recordings is out dated. If your going to purchase anything please get the review from Ncsbn they are who write the Nclex and the questions are exactly the same format. Send me a email for the recordings [email protected]

Congratulations Cicelyn76.

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