Passed the NCLEX (2nd Time)

Experience on passing the NCLEX test & all the content study material that I have used wit detail information of all them & how i used each material to my advantage. As well as advice on how to use each off them effectively. Nursing Students NCLEX Article


Passed the NCLEX (2nd Time)

Passed the Nclex after 210 questions!!!!!

The first time I took it I failed after taking the whole 265 questions. I don't think I was ready to take a 6hr exam even if you know there is a chance you can sit for the whole thing. I was ready this time though, after 150 questions I got myself mentally ready to take the whole thing so I was a little shock when it shut off around 210. I was like ????... I didn't see that coming . A lot of emotions pass through me. I didn't feel confident or non-confident either, just calm. I went home and took a nap because I could not sleep the night before even though I wasn't tired at all in the morning when I woke up cause the test was at 8am. After my 6hr nap, I did the Pearson Vue trick and I got the good pop up. THANK YOU GOD!!!! I was relief but not too much because I wanted to see it officially. Lo & behold, next morning I check my name on the license verify website and there it was, I was officially an RN. I was so relieved, it has been a long journey. I'm glad I could finally close this chapter.

For those of you still out there getting ready for the NCLEX, be confident in yourself first and foremost, that is very important. Second, you already know the basics to pass, learn how to take the test and work on your weak areas. Don't overwhelm yourself with too many things to study.

What I used

Prioritization, Delegation, & Assignment (Practice exercises for the NCLEX Examination 2nd edition)

Did half of the book (very important in my opinion, helped me improve a lot in that category, which is HUGE & A LOT in the NCLEX)


Used it to practice questions in the Qbank, Questions Trainer test, Sample NCLEX test, Focused Review test.

Also to review a material in the so fabulous Content Review Videos ....Helped a lot. I kind of follow their guide on how to effectively use the Kaplan website. They have a study guide schedule for when you want to take the NCLEX. I follow their plan a little. Watch a whole lot of videos on what the NCLEX is about & how to prepare for it. I WISH I UTILIZED THE KAPLAN MORE THE FIRST TIME. It really has a ton of info. Just browse through it. It also come with the class session of Kaplan review , with a bunch of questions videos in each NCLEX category which they go with you on answering each question. Honestly Kaplan is all you need. Definitely worth everything.

I had it through my nursing school and just continued to ask for an extension over & over (max of 3 month each time) after I fail the first time.


I also used Picmonic (I wish this was around when I was in nursing school) If you are in nursing school, YOU HAVE TO GET THIS.... It has so many things from anatomy & physiology content to everything you need. You can focus on pharm, med surge, psych, OB , Peds etc.... & it's kinda fun & easy to remember. If you want to have all A's in nursing school while studying things in a fun way without reading too much boring textbook. Get this ****, those drugs & topics that are hard to grasp or remember, it makes it sooo easy. It also cater for students in medical school.

I use this as a study schedule guide. It does all the work for you, you can rearrange it however you want. I input what materials I am going to study: book, website, flashcards , apps, etc. It may have it or you can manually enter it. It will gives a day to day to day content to study. You can customize everything, how long you want to study each things, how many question you want to do every day, what days you want to study or not, etc. Input your exam date & it will give you the amount of content you need to study till your exam date

Well I've said a mouthful, anybody has anymore questions, need advice, etc., don't hesitate to comment or if you need to speak in private let me know too. I'll be happy to help.

Good luck to all my future RN's. YOU CAN DO IT!!!

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Congrats! Thanks for sharing!

Congratulations ! Thank you for sharing your story. May I please ask which picmonic did you use ?