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Passed NCLEX 2nd Time


I stumbled across this website after I had taken my NCLEX and failed. I graduated in May of 2014 and took my NCLEX July 1st 2014. I used Kaplan and I answered about 60% of the questions with an average of 62% right. I did all 7 question trainers and I scored an average of 65% on them. I took the NCLEX and answered all 265 questions. It took me 5 1/2 hours and I just knew I had failed. It really sucked when I looked 2 days later and saw that I hadn't passed. I allowed myself to relax for 2 weeks before I started studying again. I got my ATT and signed up ASAP. I cannot stress enough how important this is!!!

I signed up to take my NCLEX on August 20th 2014. I studied at least 2 hours every day. I read the Pearson Exam Cram and listened to all the lectures that Kaplan had to offer online with their package. I answerd 100% of Kaplan questions and I used what I had access to from using ATI in college. I didn't stress or over exert my studying. When I took the NCLEX again for the second time I took 75 questions in about 2 1/2 hours and I passed. I also did the PVT and it worked for me.

I felt so much more prepared the second time around and I really took my time in answering the questions. I had about 20 SATA questions and 3 organize questions (put in the correct order) the rest were multiple choice. Any time I came to a question that I thought was difficult I closed my eyes and took 3 deep breaths. I said a prayer before I even read the first question, and I cannot stress enough how much this helped! It really helps to clear the mind and just be in the moment. The second time around the NCLEX almost felt easy.

I have never posted on here before but I told myself if I passed I would post on here my success story. Just keep it up! I know it seems really disheartening when you don't pass the first time, but don't let that bring you down! Just stay positive. Every day I told myself that I would be successful. The more you tell yourself something the more you believe it. I also wrote down my name with RN, BSN behind it with a smiley face. This helped a lot when I came across 3 SATA questions in a row that were progressively harder! (Which happened on multiple occasions) I would look over at my name with those two letters behind it and it would help keep me calm.

I also found a really great 35 page study sheet that was being passed around on this website as well. It's posted below. I hope this helps you guys in any way, shape, or form! Stay positive, you can do it :)

(Also I don't remember where or who I got this from, I just googled searched and it brought me this link).

25855834-Nclex-Study-Guide Must READ before test.pdf