Passed the nclex june 2, still no jobs! Need 1yr exp..

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I have been applying for Nursing Jobs before passing the NCLEX but still no job. The hospitals are telling me to have a year expierence. The expierence needed is hospital, so how will I get it if the hospitals here is not hiring new grads. I live in South florida in St. Lucie County.

Can anyone help?

Cheri234, BSN

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We are all in the same boat right now. The only thing I have learned to do is to be patient as it will ease up soon and more jobs will open up. I'm also considering relocating and taking a job when new grad residency programs open up again for January placement.


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I thank you for your reply. just a bit discourage, cause I really love nursing and I dont want to lose what I have learned.


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Your best chance for getting into a hospital as a new grad is to apply for a residence program. Im not familiar with florida but most residencies in GA accept applications twice a year in March and October which would require applying before you graduate.

However some hospitals accept applications to their residency programs year round. Perhaps you should try looking for these types of jobs if you haven't already done so.

Good luck with your Job Search! And CONGRATS on passing NCLEX!

Cheri234, BSN

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Well I just got a call for an interview today, so with persistence it does happen! Good luck to you!

exactly, how will somebody get an experience if they wont give you a chance to have one! how ironic!

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