Passed the NCLEX first try! My take on Kaplan vs. Hurst


For those trying do decide how to prepare for NCLEX: I graduated nursing school in December of 2015. I was required to take Kaplan through my school, then opted to take Hurst Review once I graduated. Kaplan teaches you a method of answering questions without knowing a whole lot about the content. I think my school used Kaplan because of the practice questions made available and to give us access to the Decision Tree (the answering question method). I was disappointed that I did not get a content review with Kaplan - I felt like I needed a refresher from things I learned throughout school.

I attended the live Hurst Review three day course, which refreshes you on the most important nursing knowledge needed to pass the NCLEX. This class made material easy to understand and remember and also really boosted my knowledge (and self esteem) going into boards. Once I completed the course, I studied the content in the course book provided and took the QReview tests that came with Hurst.

I took boards in January 2016. On the day of boards, I was so thankful that I decided to take Hurst Review. With my content knowledge and testing strategies from Hurst, I did not need to decipher the questions as taught by Kaplan because I really understood the content! Also, the Qreview questions provided by Hurst were set up almost identically to the NCLEX, so I was not overwhelmed by the test set up. I was told by the nursing graduates ahead of me that Hurst Review is the best, and they could not have been more right. Hurst Review is the way to go!