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Passed Nclex first time with 86 questions

by Ted1 Ted1 Member

Guys, I have been out of school since 12/2016 when I graduated. I was so depleted after completing LPN school, I needed a mental break. So, I took time off to take care of my life, kids and complete another degree before the school catalog changed and I would be ineligible. So, in June of this year, I completed my other degree and started studying for LPN with Uworld and a priority and delegation book, the name escapes me right now. I did not write down rationales from uworld, I could not. My brain does not work that way. I just marked the ones I got wrong and kept doing the questions over and over until I got them right. I know some people write down rationales, et cetera, but I have OCD and could not bare to write anything down. I just plugged away and did the questions over and over. On August 26, 2017, this past Saturday, I took my LPN PN exam at 8 am and the test cut off at 10:45, and I took a break, at 86 questions. I was a wreck until I checked quick results on Pear Vue this morning and Passed first time out being out of school since 12/2016.

I truly felt I failed because the test cut off and I feel like I guessed on the majority of the questions, but I passed.

Thank you God for being on my shoulders picking those answers.

thank you for sharing this. im doing uworld for PN now and but i know their known for their RN program im hoping it works for their PN too