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Passed NCLEX in CA, which state to submit pass letter

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hi, i'm new to this site. i registered because i'm trying to find answers to my questions. there are probably many questions like mine, but i really need an urgent answer so i posted my own thread.

i'm an rn in the philippines who just passed the nclex last may. but like most people, my state board is california. so, i also got the letter stating i passed but need a ssn to get my license and that i need to do it within 3 years or my records will be destroyed after that.

i know some people submit their nclex pass letter to other states to get a license. i have a friend who did that in vermont. i checked out the vermont site and now they're asking for ces which involves more expenses. i was wondering if anyone can tell me what other states would accept the nclex pass letter and give me a license?

also, i know that i need to submit the nclex pass letter with the pearson vue photo in it. where will i get that? will i request that from pearson vue? or from ca bon? if i need to request that from ca bon what specific application form should i download and complete?

i checked the ca bon and i don't know which form to download. i assume license verification is only for those who have licenses, which i don't so i don't think that's the right form. can anyone tell me what form i need or how i can ask ca bon to get my nclex results? i hope i can get answers without having to call them because their call center agents aren't really that accommodating, i've had less than helpful encounters with them when i was following up on my eligibility.

i would really appreciate any answers anyone can give me, thank you.

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Silverdragon102 has 30 years experience as a BSN and works as a Registered Nurse.

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Most states ow require CES or some other type of eval of your training so you may have no choice but to fork out some extra money

Plenty has already been discussed about CA have you tried to look for the threads?

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NurseCubanitaRN2b works as a Back To School.

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You may need to constantly email CA in order to get the answers that you need. Be prepared that if you ask way too many questions that can be found on the CABRN website they won't answer them. Make sure that you thumb through the website thoroughly before you ask them. As stated before do a search for some old threads to find your answers. There are some stickies at the top of the international forums that have threads that may answer your questions too. Good Luck

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