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Passed Lifespan 2!


Hey everyone! I just wanted to let you guys know that it is possible to pass lifespan 2 the first try in a week with A LOT of studying and prayers! :) Behavioral responses is 40% of the test so its best to FOCUS on that part when studying. I scored 71% in that section on the actual test because that's what I mainly focused on. Also, regulatory and metabolic is very important but I feel as if your already a LPN you will know most of whats being asked and you may just need to brush up on those areas.

I scored VERY low on the practice exam (53%,56%) but went over EACH rationale and memorized each question. It helps on the actual exam. Also, there are a few questions from the practice exam that shows up on the actual exam.

I used studygroup101, saunders rn nclex review, and flashcards to study.

Don't focus on the discouraging posts on here stating that people failed once or twice (because it will only cause increase anxiety). YOU are different and YOU will PASS with lots of studying. Be confident when you sit down and take your test.

You can do it! Be confident and study, study, study!

Hope this helps and encourages someone.

God bless :saint:


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CONGRATULATIONS!!! I plan to take this exam next. I have the Saunders RN Nclex already, but will purchase Studygroup 101 cd Friday along with EC practice exams. Thanks for your words of encouragement and advice. Again, CONGRATULATIONS TO YOU AND YOUR SUCCESS!!:yeah::yeah:

thank you! congrats to you as well. you will do great!


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:w00t: CONGRATS!!!!

Thank you nursenora....this definitely motivated me. I am planning on testing Saturday. I got a 64% on Practice A and really nervous. I usually get between 69-74 on the practices and get an "A" or "B" on the actual exam but for some reason I am a little nervous with this one, I guess bc I've been reading the post on this site. But I know I can do it.