Passed HESI - Woo hoo!

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Took the HESI this morning -- 165 questions took me 85 minutes. I didn't study and fully expected I'd need to do remediation and re-takes. My idea was that it would give me an idea of where I stand before taking the NCLEX -- what areas to review, etc. I just about fell out of my chair when I clicked the button and it gave me a HESI score of 99.99% (btw...that's a probability of passing NCLEX, not an actual percentage result).

I'm so tickled... No remediation and it would seem that I know more than I think I know. :)


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Congratulations to you! :balloons:


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Way to GO!!! :roll

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Congratulations! But what does HESI stand for?


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Congrats! I won't take mine until December after the final exam. Is your semester over already?

I bet that is a relief to hear! Congrats to you!

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