passed FCCA now on to CPNE


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Just found out that I passed the FCCA now I can concentrate on studying for the CPNE. YAY!! I finished my application about 3 weeks ago and have not heard anything yet, all my docs were accepted. Just curious how long does it take to get a date for GA southern area. I put June 14th for my ready date does anyone know? I thought I was suppose to get a packet in mail or something, guess I'm just to eager. Thanks!


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congrats on your pass! i'm not sure about spac, mpac is scheduling apps that were accepted as complete the 2nd week of march and they are saying dates for 4-8 months out. i know several people have recently received dates for various places around the end of may and into june/july. i believe we get an email as notification, but not positive about that one. you can always call them and talk to someone--talked to mpac the other day and they were so nice! i was really impressed. good luck on your cpne!!

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Congrats, Jennifer!! :)


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Congrats on your pass. You can also call for cancellation dates if you want a faster date. Good luck.


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Be flexible if you want a date fast! Sounds like you may have been studying already and could be ready in a short time! I would call for a cancellation date.

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:DThanks everyone, I'm going to call today to see what kind of dates or cancellations they may have. Wish me luck!