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Passed ANCC!


I passed the ANCC yesterday after failing the AANP twice. I attended two live reviews (Fitzgerald, Hollier), one webinar (Leik), and listened to the Barkley CD's. It took a village for me to pass! Fitzgerald is very intense, dry, boring and detailed however, it is true what she says.....if you don't pass it is a knowledge deficit. I was deficient and her honesty helped me to switch gears. Fitz helped me to increase my knowledge. Hollier is entertaining and kept me engaged. Leik is the ultimate!!! If you only have resources for one review Leik webinar is the BEST! I took her webinar Tues-Fri and took her advise to test immediately took the ANCC on the Monday and PASSED! My advise is to memorize Leiks webinar book and LISTEN carefully to what she says. Every word that comes our of her mouth is power packed, no fluff, additives.... she truly lives up to her money back guarantee you will pass. I like the Barkley CD's for review and it bought me a couple of correct questions on the ANCC. Both exams are easy if you memorize labs, systems and meds. If you have an excellent knowledge base the exams will be easy!

dianah, ADN

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Congratulations! And, thanks for providing tips for others who may want information on how to study for success!

I've learned, recently, through the journey of becoming a board certified family nurse practitioner, success has to do with knowing how to deal with not knowing than anything I know. Ray Dalio.


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Congratulations!!! Where do you plan on working?


Hi Mike,

I haven't decided where to apply/work. Any recommendations? Thanks.