Passed the ANCC AGPCNP


  • Specializes in Cardiology, Primary and Critical Care. Has 12 years experience.

I passed my boards for the ANCC AGPCNP exam yesterday on the first try. I used the Barkley Review home study, Fitzgerald NP certification book and the Leik book on the Kindle app on my phone. I listened to the CD's non stop and made flash cards. When I made the flash cards I used all three resources together at the same time and included info from all three. This helped to eliminate incorrect information and bring the concepts together. I bought the Fitzgerald book during my second clinical rotation. The test is 200 questions. When I wasn't studying the flash cards, book or Barkley manual- I was studying the Leik book on my kindle app on my phone. I felt very prepared with these 3 resources. I would recommend visiting the ANCC website, there is a practice test. The main concept that assisted me was mastering the material and not doing question banks. When I had mastered the material I was able to answer questions with great confidence from any test bank correctly. When I sat for my boards, I prayed and prayed and prayed. I would suggest reviewing pictures of skin and eye conditions online. This helped me when answering questions from test banks and during my exam.


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