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I already posted in the Hospice forum on a thread asking for hospice co. info, but hope to get more action here.

Does anybody know about Passages Hospice, and the quality of staff, support, training, reputation etc.? I do know that Passages is a new company only 5 years old. Hard to find anyone who has worked with them.

You can private message me, if you'd rather. ;)

Thanks a lot!!!

Just wondering if you'd had any responses are further experience in response to your question. Thanks much :)

I got no responses to my post.

I got no responses to my post.

i just read their website.

they're a member of the bbb of illinois, and haven't received any complaints.

that seems to be a good sign.

go check them out.

they even have "dementia specialists" (cna's with add'l training).

Passages Hospice Illinois - Your Passage to Care & Comfort


A girl at work actually works for them, and seems to enjoy it. Maybe we'll meet up someday, as I may soon jump on board :)


I don't work for them, but good luck to you.

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