hello, i was just wondering,alot of people are saying when chosing a school, make sure the school has a good pass rate. now, tell me what do you think is a good pass rate a school should have? :confused:


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for me personally. above 85 percent.


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wow, that is a good number,most of the schools in my area has a 75% average, im wondering if i should be a little scared of a 70% pass rate.:sstrs:


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did u check how many people took the test each year. if its like 10 and 7 people pass then that is still pretty good. it depends on the #s.


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I seem to remember a college in the LA area that had a passing rate of 35%. That com college lost their certification and another nursing jr college took over their nursing class.

There is one thing to remember. Pass rates are a good indication of quality, but that does not provide you with the retention rate of the nursing department. That is, the college will accept students, but that does not mean every student in the nursing program graduated from their program. The pass rate you are considering is based on those students who did not fail out or had left the program but on those who graduated.

For my money, I would like to see a retention/graduation rate. There is one California State Univ (city will remain secret) who accepted students. Their normal attrition was a 25% loss in the program; then in the last advance med lecture class (lecture and clinical are separate classes), the program would lose 1/3 of those remaining 75% who started the program made it that far.

Many students took the class again, but did not pass. Those students went all the way through to in the BSN program, received A's and B's but in the last quarter they failed out. However, this university has a very good pass rate. The nursing administration was not concerned that they failed 1/3 of its students in the last semester and those students could not take the NCLEX because they had not graduated.

So compare pass rates but reealize what the statistics represent. :coollook:


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RN.CA.GOV and compare the schools. The 90%+ programs are often the highly touted programs. It's funny that most of the CC's have such a high (90+) passing rate compared to the state schools.

Good question. Be careful when relying on Pass Rates. Many schools do not accurately report their pass rate, but the Board always knows the exact number for that school who took the NCLEX licensure exam.

The RN BOard of CA has an accurate posting of number taken and number passed.

Just the last few weeks the LVN board of Vocational Nursing for CA followed the same format and if you look @ the LVN Board listing? It's pretty telling. Many schools show that only 1 or 2 sometimes 5 people took the NCLEX for the entire year and show a 100% pass rate. SO you should question schools like that that only have 1 or 2 that took and passed for the year, yet show 100%? Kinda fishy.

You should always look for a school that has a decent number taken with a number that is at least on the state average of passing. Right now in CA the state average for LVN is 77% pass rate, so any school that has a good number taken for the year at or around that would be a good indicator of a good school.

You should ask a lot of questions of any school that has only 1, 2, or under 10 for the entire year taking the exam. Very fishy.