Pass Nclex! share my experience


Hey everyone,

Today I found my name on the CA BON, I am so excited. Now I want to share some experience with you guys! I will keep my words short. I am a international student, may all of you forgive my grammar mistake!


1st attempt to take nclex


tried Pearson vue trick and directly went to the cc payment. My heart went down and I knew I failed.


receive the fail result letter


reapply online


turn in SSN copy and reapply application to CA BON via USPS priority


CA BON approve my new attempt


got Pearson ATT#


2nd attempt


Pearson vue trick show "our record indicate >>>>>" GOOD POP UP! YEAH!


my license info shows on the CA BON website! so excited!

here is my timeline about taking nclex! hope it helps you all! Good luck, all nursing students!


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congrats!! what materials did you use to prepare?


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thanks, I used the Saunders comprehensive review at the beginning. Later I found there were too much content and I don't think I had enough time to go through everything! So I changed to use uworld instead. I think uworld is a lil bit hard, however, the explanation below the question is very comprehensive and systematic! I love uwrold so much! if you want to review some basic info, I suggest you to use hesi. For me these three materials help me pass the test.


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hey thanks for the infos, Im also using uworld, i finished the whole q bank with 58% correct. took the both self assessment, yesterday and got 64% placing at 74th percentile and 65% at 78th percentile for the 2nd assessment. both says "very high chance of passing". i dont know how accurate that is, what do you think? starting to feel anxious. im taking the nclex this coming 30th.


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my q bank average score is between 40-50%, not so good. However, I found the test questions were not so hard than I expected. So I also think you have a very high chance to pass the nclex! I highly recommend you to review some basic info, because once you made a mistake about a question, the next question would be basic. so don't ignore basic info that is important as well. Btw, good luck for your oncoming test!