Pass LS1"B"


OMG took LS1 this morning n got a B. I'm so happy just having tears of joy for this exam. This was the area i failed n brick n mortar college. I used med-surg text book, Saunders review along with med-surg success. Thank u God for taking me through another exam, also for everyone on allnurses for ur motivation, support n encouragement. On to LS2 now.

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YESSSSS!!!!! Congrats Blakey!!!!!! :yeah::yeah::yeah:


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Thx u!


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Congratulations!! I took LS1 today also and passed with a B!! On to LS2. What are you using to study? I use studygroup 101 notes, med surg text book and saunders review book. :yeah:


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I used the same books along with Congrats n good luck 2 both of us with LS2.


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