Pasadena ADN Program Spring 2021


Hi everyone, Pasadena Spring 2021 application opens on Nov. 1st and ends on Nov. 20th. Starting this thread for anyone who is interested in applying to PCC or already applied.

Hi Everyone!

 I'm a 1st semester RN student at PCC and for anyone that is accepted, I am selling unworn white clinical scrubs that did not fit me and were never returned. Email me at if you are interested. Here is what I have: Each item is originally $36, I am selling each one for $20

  • Unisex Classic Top with Active Barrier Technology Size Medium 
    • 2 Available
  •  Lady's Pant Long with Active Barrier Technology Size Large
    • 2 Available
  •  Lady's Crossover Top with Active Barrier Technology Size Medium
    • 2 Available

Please note that the Women's crossover top runs on the smaller size and the Unisex top runs large

Best of luck to everyone on their applications!!

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I will be applying here as well, good luck! How many points are you at?

Britt G, CNA

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Hi how many points does everyone have? I am curious to know 🙂 I only have 65, my nutrition is still IP so they will not accept it. 

I’m probably going to apply as well. I have 78 points at the moment. Possibly 83 points if I decide to retake the TEAS. 

On 10/12/2020 at 8:58 AM, Erika Salazar said:

I will be applying here as well, good luck! How many points are you at?

I have 73.... Hbu?

I might retake the TEAS though. If I do well I'll have 78... 


I have 80 points currently but if I had nutrition for fall I would have more points and @Brittany Griffin you can apply with that one in progress but you just don't get points for it, that's what happened to me! Definitely still apply!

Hey all! Good luck on applications! 

I'm going to take my TEAS test 11/4 so hopefully that will bump my points up. Does anyone know if they count licensed massage therapist or IHSS provider (in home supportive services for the elderly)as licensed and certified healthcare worker - 5 points category 4? I work in an integrative health clinic!

I have 65 points before taking my TEAS which I'm taking Nov 2. I'm super nervous to take it. Does anybody know anybody who's gotten in previously and how many points they had? Also, how difficult is the TEAS...I'm sure it's different for everyone, but if anyone could tell me their experience.

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I was accepted with 83 points in Spring of 2020, retaking my first semester now due to Covid, but some of my classmates had fewer points. It really just depends on the pool of people you are going up against when you register. They accept the highest score first and then work their way down until all spots are filled. If they have a group of people with the same score and not enough spots to accept them all of them, I believe they use a random lottery.

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