Partial vials


I don't want to sound dumb, can someone tell what partial vials are or is it self explanatory?:confused:


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Partial vials are multi dose vials. Like... TB tests usually come in a vial of 1ml where 0.1ml is used for each test. You have to use them w/in 30 days (thats the standard at my clinic atleast) and you need to clean the stopper before each use, otherwise they're the same as regular injectables.

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The unfortunate thing in most places I've worked is that people won't label them with the date they're opened. After much frustration I've filed that in my psyche along with people who don't use turn signals or drive too slow in the left lane. Annoying, but nothing in my power will change it.


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The Joint Commission standard is to label the multi-dose vial with an expiration date 28 days after opening.

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when you find an unlabeled vial throw it away. When it gets to be an expense, the right people will begin to enforce policy.


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what kind of a write up would that be if they found it unlabeled?

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what kind of a write up would that be if they found it unlabeled?
The type of disciplinary action (or lack thereof) is totally dependent upon the policies and procedures of the facility where the unlabeled vial was discovered.