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Partial Online Micro Course - West Texas


Hello! I need Micro for a pre-req for nursing school next Fall. I have looked around, but I am having some trouble. Does any body know of either a completely online micro course that won't cost me a fortune, or a class that has lecture online and meet at lab once a week or so near Midland, TX? Thanks so much!!!

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Fully online Microbiology course

Ocean County College in Toms River NJ has a Microbiology course totally online. I know of a woman as far away as Germany that is taking it this coming January.

It is a community college which are always a bargain but you would have to pay the out of state rates. They make you pay for a lab kit ($240) and a microscope with an oil emersion lens ($163) but if you figure what you would pay in gasoline its still a bargain.


I hope this helps you

Jersey Nursing Girl

I have been looking for online classes thnx for the information

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