Part-time scenario for burnout

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I have been an RN for almost 29 years and am experiencing extreme burnout. Even working 3-12s (and call), I just don't think I can continue on like this until retirement age. I have been thinking of maybe cutting back to 2-12s/week and either picking up another 8 or 12 every other week or so at this facility or perhaps at another hospital. Somehow, (maybe it's just perception) this flexible schedule seems much more palatable than my current grind and I wouldn't be 'locked in' to the third day. Any thoughts, ideas would be most welcome

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As the Brits say "A change is as good as a rest." I find it easier to work several jobs to equal 50 hours a week than 36 hours of 12's at one job. Every job has its own BS, but if you break it up it doesn't wear on me so much