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I'm sure this has been a common thread on here, but I couldn't really find any help. I work only 3 days/wk in chronic hemodialysis clinic. I am curious to see if there are any feasible options for jobs to work remotely from home as a nurse for supplemental income. I contemplated something like a part-time nurse educator for an online ASN-BSN such as Western Governor's Univeristy. Any other suggestions for work from home options that are 10-15 hours per week? Any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance.


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Bump... Any suggestions out there?

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What is your education? Other then hemodialysis do you have any other skills such as Case Management, coding, Etc?


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I have my BSN. Never done any coding. I am a clinical coordinator at a Davita dialysis facility

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You would probably need at least an MSN for most online education positions.


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Actually a lot of the positions I have seen were only requiring Abadan but they were full time positions


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I just finished my bsn with Wgu, all the course instructors were at least MSN, and many dpn. Student mentors I believe are required to be MSN, and require a full time commitment.

I occassionally see case management positions posted on, but they want case management experience. Some nurse call line jobs are from home but usually require evening and weekend commitment. Good luck.


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Thanks. I did my BSN through WGU a couple years ago as well and that's what prompted me to look into being a course instructor and a couple of the course instructor job postings through them were BSN as only qualifications but like I said they didn't have any part-time openings

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Have you looked into telehealth nursing? Not sure if they'll want more of an acute care background but maybe something would work for you there? Or utilization review can sometimes be done from home I believe?