Part-time nursing programs?


Hi! I recently decided to change my career path to become a nurse and am looking for education options. I have a degree in microbiology from Auburn so I hope most of my general courses will transfer. But I have a 9 mo old and will need to work most likely at least part-time. I am thinking of taking classes at a tech school in practical nursing at least to get me working in nursing and then maybe working toward an RN later

Any other options exist in the Altnata area? I live in Cumming.


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There aren't many truly "part-time" programs in our area, but Brenau has an evening and weekend BSN program. Our program at NGCSU is also pretty family friendly. The first year you only have to commit two days per week for class/clinical. The second year requires Mon., Wed., and Fri. There are a lot of people in our program with jobs and children! Good Luck with your decision! :)


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That's a really good thing. I live in Augusta and we use to have a night nursing program here but that was over 5 years ago. I wish we had it still.

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