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I'm about to start my pre-req's this August. (A+P, Chemistry) Wondering what others have done for part-time work while attending school. Any input would be greatly appreciated.




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Well I am working at a local hospital as a CSW (clinical support worker). Its for nursing student who are entering there final year of their BScN degree. I am working on the oncology unit. The pay is good and you definately learn alot. I'm not sure if all hospitals offer it, but if they do it would be a good job and it correlates vey well with what you learn in school and plus its a summer job :nuke:.


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My junior year I worked Th Fri Sat nights for 8 hours each, I had no life, and all my grades went down a little. The next semester, I worked once a week and I was able to maintain my grades. For senior year, I had no job, and most of my friends either quit, or had an agreement with their boss to work only when time allowed them. (My senior year wasn't harder than the previous years, it just involved a lot more clinical time and a lot of group papers, which made work near impossible). Good luck, don't burn yourself out!


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I was lucky enough to get a per diem job. It doesn't get benefits (very bad and costly) BUT whenever I have a break I schedule myself for a ton of work and can work 40+ hr/week on my times off, and when I'm in school I might catch a 12 hr shift on the weekend.

It's tough but not impossible. Inflexible schedules will be a burden though.


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I'm working as a PCT (CNA) at a local hospital. They loved that I was a nursing student. Pay is pretty good (relatively speaking, of course) for a part time job, although I plan on working full time. The added bonus is that I'll have some clinical experince while going through RN school. Good luck.


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Thanks for the info...

I have to agree, the clinical experience can only be a benefit throughout school.


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I'm starting my pre-req's as well in August. I work at a LTC facility (CNA) full-time to stay afloat and make ends meet. (sort of) Like the others folk have said it's a great way to pick up clinical experience. Between 40+ hours a week and 12 credit hours, 4 full-time classes I'll be burning that candle at both ends. :bugeyes:

Best of luck to you!

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